AI sub-skills

Here is a list of AI subskills that you can edit using no modules and just by double clicking on an AI and hitting the ‘Skills’ button

  • Ability Flags

Medicine - Can heal/revive
Engineer - Can repair vehicles
EOD - Can disarm explosives

  • aimingAccuracy

Affects how well the AI can lead a target
Affects how accurately the AI estimate range and calculates bullet drop
Affects how well the AI compensates for weapon dispersion
Affects how much the AI will know to compensate for recoil (Higher value = more controlled fire)
Affects how certain the AI must be about its aim on target before opening fire

  • aimingShake

Affects how steadily the AI can hold a weapon (Higher value = less weapon sway)

  • aimingSpeed

Affects how quickly the AI can rotate and stabilize its aim (Higher value = faster, less error)

  • commanding

Affects how quickly recognized targets are shared with the group (Higher value = faster reporting)

  • courage

Affects unit’s subordinates’ morale (Higher value = more courage)

  • endurance

Disabled in Arma3

  • general

Raw “Skill”, value is distributed to sub-skills unless defined otherwise. Affects the AI’s decision making.
Note: There is no skill called ‘General’ its called just Skill

  • reloadSpeed

Affects the delay between switching or reloading a weapon (Higher value = less delay)

  • spotDistance

Affects the AI ability to spot targets within it’s visual or audible range (Higher value = more likely to spot)
As Ive stated many times… sound and noise players create is a factor against AI for getting spotted
Affects the accuracy of the information (Higher value = more accurate information instead of just reporting a ‘vehicle’ or ‘something
spotted’ the AI will give better reporting of exactly what they see instead of a general ‘enemy spotted’)

  • spotTime

Affects how quick the AI react to death, damage or observing an enemy (Higher value = quicker reaction)

Information can be verified as it was taken from AI Skill – Arma 3 - Bohemia Interactive Community

Ace Global AI uses non-standard names and AI skill groupings for some of the names. I will contact the devs at ACE to clarify exactly which AI subskills these sliders change (other then the general and accuracy skill which is named/grouped properly) I suspect Weapon Handling is a combination of Aiming Shake and Aiming Speed and Spotting is a combo of both spotDistance and spotTime (see image below)

Not sure why the attachment for the Ace Global AI menu keeps getting taken out of inline… was trying to make this one single post but wouldnt let me :frowning:

Really useful and informaive :slight_smile: Thanks