Admins and kicking without looking

Just want to highlight that admins should look before they kick…today I accidently killed someone whom then gave me some abuse on the chat…I had apologised straight away before he started ranting at me. The guy then reported the tk and I was kicked. When I relogged on, I asked admin why and the unknown admin apologised saying he hadn’t looked at the chat logs.

While I understand that’s admins want to play there game, and need to try to keep order. I feel this flippant use of admin privileges can do far more harm. I just request that you look before you kick please.

PrimeOne: As admins, we cannot see every action that takes place in the server all of the time. Therefore, we rely on other players to provide us with information in regards to server violations.

There were reports from 2 different players that you TK’d. One report was from a player in game chat who stated it was the 2nd time you TK’d him. You replied that basically it was his fault since he had enemies around him. That player responded that the first TK was 600m away.

The other player reported to me around this same time in TeamSpeak that you TK’d him as well.

Since you killed the 1st player twice and the 2nd player around the same time, and with your excuse for killing him being to place blame on him for your actions, this swayed the pendulum of your actions from being accidental TK to intentional TK, or at least negligent TK.

Based on this information, you were kicked from the server by myself. I appreciate the fact that you provided an apology to the other player you TK’d twice, however, that player did not appear to appreciate your gesture as sincere.

And this was the dialogue when you returned to the server:
11:15 AM (Global) Prime One admin why was i kicked for accidental tk when i appologised?
11:17 AM (Private) To Prime One [ADMIN]: It was not reported as accidental. I did not review server chat. If it was an accidental, that is understandable and I apologize. Please watch fire to prevent any accidents of tk. (sent by CopOut)
11:18 AM (Side) Prime One accident tk is part of the game, players are learning if you dont like it, dont stand opposite players with enemyies between you

I think you miss the point here in that the actions you take are your responsibility and should not be blamed on other players in the server. Your failure to properly identify friendly from enemy targets and/or contain your fire to not cause splash damage onto friendly forces is your fault. Please watch your fire and take a moment to identify your target to prevent TKs from happening.

I do not agree that the simple kick that was placed against you was a, “flippant use of admin privileges.” Although I did not read line-for-line all of the server chat log, I did glance at the chat involved in the incident as well as take the report received through TS into consideration for the action taken, which I feel was justified. Now that I have reviewed the chat line-by-line along with your comments upon returning to the server, I feel that the action taken was insufficient and should have been more severe.

I do agree that blatant, random punishments without cause can place a negative mark on the servers and those actions should be avoided to maintain server integrity. Had this situation been different, I would have taken a more in depth look at the complaint prior to taking action. Thank you for taking the time to express your concerns.

+1 to c0p0ut’s reply.