admin resignation

I remember when i first join the admins for NAK. I would go around and to all the different sections of the base and just watch, in which that was building up my people skills and knowing how players acted in the servers. Back then bans weren’t constant it was warnings and then kicks. one of the head admins (Spirit-Actual) had made NAK more known by getting involved with the players and being more of a player then an admin. I know that some of these NAK Elites come and go and know that NAK had changed so much after he left. So skipping about a year now just after Spirit left most of the other admins started to leave because of real life problems, and for about 2-3 months it was just me and claws with the random times of other admins coming and then going for short amounts of time. A few players that had been on NAK had made there own community and asked me to join so i said yes. It was going good until the two founders had a fall out leading to the separation and had formed two different communities. So after that i left and had never talk to either of the two founders until one joined NAK again and started to idle in different channels.

Then CopOut come back and was and still is being very active then when i first joined. Then claws asked me if i could fix and be the head admin for TS and i said great i will do that and a day or two later CopOut starts talking to me telling me that he wants to do more for NAK and i told him that he could ask Claws on what he needs help with and turned out he was now the Website head admin and so claws could concentrate more on bugs and scripting. Then Vile come along never really talk to him he would just sit at base and watch and see if any problems would come up. Then Claws had seen this and made Vile a head admin how ever long it was after being an admin. So time went by with more players wanting to be admins for the server, then getting on one day and seeing all these changes to the website and to the rules and how we handle them and other small improved things where made. After about 6 months NAK TAC was made and was in the process of all the documents being made. Looking at all these documents and seeing who they where created by and thought that he had spent a f*** load of time on these docs. after completing a few important ones Vile, CopOut and I thought of some players that would be great for leading NAK TAC as Vile wanted it to be run by players. Then the fallout happened with Vile and Oxide and so NAK TAC was now dead silent. most of us moved on and others moved on to other communities or made there own. NAK TAC was still being used but as a zeus server and wasn’t very active then we thought. Two players asked Vile if they could make there own squad with players they wanted but Vile said that it would be to elitists (But i thought elitists means that group should be led by an elite not the the group is to elite and will not allow others to join?) and so those 2 players went on to make there own unit. The founder asked me to join so i did and no i wasn’t an admin i was there if they needed help then i would help them i said to them that i wouldn’t take any part in being an admin or recruiting. But yet again another fall out happened and the unit split in two. So i went with the founders unit because i knew him as a friend and someone to trust. Skipping to a few days ago from when this post was made an issue had come up and the other unit had started to recruit from the NAK TAC members and used email to contact them. One of the NAK TAC players took the email to Claws and Vile and noticed a few things wrong within the links and yes i was one of those issues but i was not apart of this second unit but some how still was linked with them. Then Vile comes and wants to talk so i tell him what happened and are now on the same page. when i get back home from work to fix some things that Vile pointed out i noticed that an admin was ranked up and was never told anything about it. When i was at work the next day i thought about it and remembered that Vile said an admin will rank up after 3 months and would be discussed by all 4 chief’s of staff. And congrats to the admin he does deserve it, but was to early to say.

Wow after these 2 years NAK has changed and even the owner has to, which in some things is good but others it was to early to change.

I thank you for those admins and players both past and present for a good time on the servers and to those that some of my choices where very bad and i apologise for that. I hope to see you all on the servers still i would love to play with you.