Adding Carrying and Dragging Script For all Nak Servers from ACE

I Think it would be cool in Public Nak Servers that During Combat and we Cant Revive, We will be Able to Carry or Drag people Away From the Combat and Get Revived. This Would look more Realistic and it will help Many of Players. Its frustrating when you are under Fire and Half of your squad Down and u need to Revive Them. I would love if this can be Accepted By all of Nak.

Sincerely, Knight

Not sure why we took it off but i think it was because it started to get to buggy but i could be wrong. It has been a long time since we had it on the servers

I would love to have that added to NAK. It would make the server a lot more intresting. I vote yes for this.

I thought NAK uses it in NAK TAC (My squad CLS @LBJ dragged me out the collapsed building after a car bomb detonated at the front door, or we dragged @Mythi into a house for treatment & cover 360 for CASEVAC), because we play our operations much more tactically systematic as a team.

@Hammer NAK Tac uses ACE which has the features built in. For the I&A servers we do not want to use ACE, so the features would have to be written as scripts. It is doable, it just comes down to features vs performance. We can look at it again, but right now we have about 4 - 6 weeks of coding work already on the schedule so it will be some time before it is looked at.

Knight you did request this before, it was not forgotten, we just have limited resources to get all the work on the servers done.