About the planes.

I wonder how many planes can be knocked down by piloting to be taken as a waste of resources?
I have entered the servers with few players of which only I am on land and the others are flying.
They are knocked down and re-boarded on another plane and bombed again and again without being asked for a CAS.
It is easy to take off and land, but most do not attack and evade maneuvers to avoid being knocked down, only come as kamikazes to shoot everything they have on the infantry, which in reality is done only when you need support for the infantry and there are times that the infantry can not be approached due to the risk of being bombed and when one arrives at the mission he has to look for the enemies behind and hidden.
Sorry for my writing, but I only understand enough English.

Okay, so you are making a few points. I will try to address them all and open it up to discussion.
Your first question I am interpreting as, how often can a pilot crash before it is consider wasting assets. The answer is, it is subjective. It is very difficult for an admin to track a player and know how many assets they are using. I believe most Admins do it similar to myself, and that is when I see that a player is re-spawning often as a pilot, I will inform them of the rule and let them know this is not the server to learn how to fly. If you find that a particular pilot is crashing often i.e. every 5 - 10 min, let an admin know and we will investigate.

The second point that you bring up is pilots making CAS (gun and bomb) runs, when they are not needed or wanted. At this point our server does not require a pilot to get permission or be requested to make CAS runs. I understand that it can be frustrating for infantry when pilots continue to make runs at areas that do not seem to make sense just because the see something on map. I often play on the ground, so I know what it is like to be trying to make a tactical move on a squad of enemy just to have a pilot miss them, but that puts the squad on alert making the infantries job even harder.

On the server we try to do or best to balance the desires of both pilots and ground troops. We have limited the number of planes so that the ground troops have an equal opportunity to engage opfor. We will do some additional observations to see if pilots are not being as careful as they should be. If needed we can increase the spawn time, or increase the time to rearm planes. I do not believe that we want to go to a request only server for CAS runs.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. If anyone has ideas that would encourage pilots to be more careful with the planes, feel free to post a reply.

Only suggestion I’d like to ASK would be to reduce the 10+ sonic booms over the AO while infantry are operating - we all fully understand that the plane can go supersonic and that it makes a deafening noise everytime, etc etc. but is entirely unrealistic in normal combat and makes it difficult to hear others in direct and sometimes group comms. The default jet engine sound is actually quite louder than realized.

High speed fly-by’s didn’t work out well for Maverick and Goose either.

Maybe apply a little logic to the laws of war, having civilians in the populations and near the targets to avoid firing without well defined armed objectives, in fact that is one of the situations that does not bombard every objective to capture .

I do not know how difficult it is to implement a script that when killing a civilian automatically causes the reappearance in the base and counts as own death (can also be applied to frindly fire to decrease this activity).


This is a good point. I will take this in consideration and Next time I am in the Sky I will not fire on targets unless asked too, to be more realistic with CAs support. Let the guys take out AA then only take targets they need help with.