A punishing system on the servers

I’ve noticed a lot of teamkilling in the servers recently it I’ve seen it takes time for some admins to respond to an issue. Maybe implementing a punishing system for players? For example, if they friendly fire intentionally, they get punished, maybe kicked off the server for 1 min or 2. If it was accidental, then the players can just ignore the punish action. Its just I see players mass teamkilling and players have to poke an admin on the TS or literally spam “ADMIN” in the chat. A punishing system will help with this so it allows players to quickly punish teamkilling. Moreover, if the teamkilling continues with a player, then an admin can step in and then ban them from the server?

It’s just an idea that hopefully gets implemented.

I believe there used to be a system like that on the I&A servers.

It should be brought back then cos there is way too many teamkillers not getting punished quickly.

The problem I think was that too many people would be kicked for accidental TKs though I am not sure. This would have to be something we talk with NAK Command about.

If we bring back the punishment system the admins will have no information about Team Killers at all. Arma does not record the TK’s to the RCON logs so if the admin is not in game we have no visibility to the problem. Second pilots/drivers of vehicles will be kicked for the gunners kills if we bring back the script. This was the main reason the punishment scripted was removed.

By allowing the admins to control the punishment, repeat TK’ers can be banned, even if it occurs days apart.
Players do not need to spam the chat, typing Admin multiple times does not get our attention any faster. There are going to be times when Admins are not on. In that case it players could use the vote kick. Many server handle most of their policing this way. I would recommend that while calling for an Admin for TK’ers you should also start Vote Kicking so players become accustom to it.

As the popularity of the server increases, the NAK servers move up on the Arma Launcher list, due to that, we get more attention from players that just want to troll.

I personally have no feeling either way about the punishment script. It was only removed because of the complaints from drivers and pilots.

I honestly hated that system. If you are in a jet and kill a friendly, you can say sorry all you want they will punish you. Helis and jets fall from the sky, if they kick a pilot transporting people then they all die.
Also, there were plenty of trolls that went out of their way to make you kill them and then they would punish.
You cant trust players with that power.

As long as admins are kicking and tracking how many times this player or that player has been kicked and for what everything should be fine (and also tracking it so that these guys with many aliases can’t keep doing it day after day and only getting kicks). I’ve started recording and I fly in the stealth wasp bc no one wants it and after i drop my bombs i can stay up as CAP while other jets land so then I look for enemy air and I also look for trolls. I hear that someone is shooting in base then I fly over, get a look at the map, see who is doing what then I type admin player name etc.

Yes the problem is when there are no admins on the calls go unanswered and I personally don’t poke some1 in TS until it becomes an extreme problem. The other problem is that the kick is not just. Some “insert favorite insult here” rolls into base with a cheetah or shoots down transports at AO and then respawns or something and does it again effectively killing the entire server twice only gets a kick because an admin wasn’t there. That kind of toxic player should not get off that easy.

The other problem I’ve personally seen is pilots not in teamspeak. I type the rule many times into side chat. I call the people out. They either don’t care, don’t ever read which is bs because I spam chat so it is the only message for a solid few seconds, or don’t know english. Sure if they’re not killing people that’s not too bad but in my experience pilots not in teamspeak are either trolls eventually getting bored and then killing people with pawnees etc or they are extremely bad and I have seen 4 aircraft dead within 5 minutes or less or many dead bc of this. I’ve got no problems if someone comes in Teamspeak and isn’t all that great of a pilot but for some reason even if they are new then they’re still fine, maybe the ones not in TS don’t care that they’re crashing aircraft.

These problems normally don’t come up if an admin is in game. I love it when an admin sees a troll and gives them the appropriate ban instead of them only getting kicked. All these problems come up when no one responds to admin messages in game and I gotta tell you I hate poking admins because there’s never just one troll, they come in waves, so then I have to poke them 10 times. I also hate poking for stupid crap like not being in teamspeak but if the pilot is a problem or someone is trying to get in and there’s no slot then I feel I need to. That’s why i type the rule, then spam the rule, then call the person out but it goes on all the time. 3 people just get kicked and 10 minutes later 3 more are doing the same thing and ignoring side etc.

edit: i tried to post this earlier but it kept making me review it and i didn’t notice. We’ll definitely have to see if the vote kick works

The problem banning players on the word of another player is two fold. First if the player appeals the ban it is very difficult for me as an Admin to be able to defend the ban if I did not see the event. Second trolls could falsely report other players causing them to be banned.

Every time an admin kicks a player, it does add an entry in their player record. Admins just need to make sure that the check the record for previous kicks, so that repeat TK’ers get the correct level of punishments

The issue with pilots not being in TS. As an admin if I’m not in game, it is impossible with any tools that I know of, to know what role a player is in. Our admin guidelines indicate that we should give the player 2 warnings before a kick. I have no problem sending the messages, but I can not see if the player switches roles.

It is possible to change our guidelines but we also want to be fair to new players. It is something that the admin can discuss.

First do not hesitate to poke an admin in TS, most of the times an admin will set an appropriate “Away” message. If the message says poke if you need help then go ahead and poke. If they are marked away, then they are probably away. We try our best to have coverage around the clock but admins there are going to be times we no one is around.

If there ever is a horrible troll, poke me in TS at anytime, If I do not get it immediately, I will look into it later and that the necessary actions.

Yeah I was definitely listing problems, not solutions lol. I understand we need evidence and we all know that Arma has its limitations so it may require an admin to be right there or for some hard evidence to be presented.
As far as pilots not in TS, the true problem is that I can normally get someone’s attention and they’ll join TS or switch roles but there’s those that don’t. The players that ignore all messages are the ones that I have seen start lighting up bases, landing in the NO LZ zone and breaking the rotors so you have to do a crazy recovery, getting people killed, etc. and ultimately people in the server start getting frustrated and I don’t want people to start leaving because they think all pilots in the server are going to ruin their experience. I guess it just comes down to trying to get vote kick going or getting an admin’s attention.

I support LukeMetcalf, I think that even by accident, it’s okay to get punished for five minutes, or at least take you out of the server and you have to connect again. How many TKs can you do, to make this annoying? I think it would also make more respectful and careful with the others’ game.


I hope you don’t mind if I add my $0.02. As a player under the old system, I have been sent to the lobby for a timeout on a few occasions. It makes me mad at myself for making a mistake. It also made me a better player in the long run. I still make mistakes (so many that I couldn’t live with myself if this wasn’t a sim) but I have always apologized. Bottom line is: I don’t take it as a bad thing to have a timeout.
When I get teamkilled, I do not (did not) always send a person to the lobby. Very rarely in fact. I do watch side chat for an acknowledgement of the kill so I know who I’m dealing with.
Now if a troll wants to spend most of his day in the lobby, that’s his problem and I’ll send him there sure as shootin’ once he’s recognized as such.
Edit: I understand both sides, the pilots do have a point. Vote kick works for me.