A guide to all ACE Modules

This forum post will discuss every ACE Module available to a Zeus and a brief explanation of what it does:

1). Defend Area
The defend area module allows you to tell a single unit or a group of units to defend a certain area. Place the module over any of the AI and select the radius of the area you would like them to defend. The beauty of it, as mentioned in an earlier post by VileAce, is that the group will span out, leave a few guys near the center of the radius as the rest spread out to the edges of the radius selected. If friendlies attack the area, the units will move tactically towards the direction of the enemy fire, while leaving others behind still, to defend the center of the radius.
2). Garrison Group
Place it over any AI and it will give you a screen of options that you can select or de-select based on how you want the area garrisoned, plus the radius of the area you want garrisoned by that squad. Unlike the Ares Garrison option, the ACE one will spread out the squad over the radius rather than congest everyone to one specific house. Obviously if you do want to congest them in a certain area, reduce the radius.
3). Global A.I Skill
This module should be left at it’s default values as it is most balanced, however if you wish, you can change the A.I’s skill level by changing things like General Skill, Accuracy, Weapon Handling, Spotting and whether you want them to seek cover during a fire fight and/or engage friendly units automatically. Remember, this module changes the A.I skill level of ALL units you as a Zeus place. You cannot constrict this module to one group or a few groups only.
4). Patrol Area
This module is better than the Patrol/Loiter option provided by Ares. The Ares module will allow the units to patrol in a perfect circle of the selected radius. However, the ACE module will randomize the patrol pattern, making them unpredictable so the Zeus does not have to manually move the way-point markers while still sending the units out to the edges of the radius the Zeus wants the units to patrol.
5). Search Area
This module is one of my favorites, if friendly operatives are hunkered down in a building, the Zeus can place this module over the units and pick the radius, and any building within that radius, the units will search and clear one by one, all the while covering each others back, leaving one or two to keep guard outside as others search the houses/buildings.
6). Search Nearby Building
Same as the module description for #5, however, the squad will only search the one or two buildings within its immediate vicinity.
7). Suppressive Fire
Place this module over a unit and it will show a red marker with a red line that you can place anywhere you would like the unit to suppress with their weapon. The red line will show you whether the unit has a clear line of sight to the place the Zeus wants suppressed, or if something is in the way like a building, or maybe elevation issues. Do remember, if you want the entire squad to fire and suppress, place the module on the squad leader. Otherwise, the singular unit selected will suppress.
8). Toggle Flashlights
Place the module anywhere and it will show 3 options, and the Zeus can decide whether they want the flashlights on the unit’s weapons. Only weapons that support a flashlight accessory attachment will get a flashlight. For example, the default AK-47 does not support any attachments. Plus which faction should receive the flashlights and whether they should be added to the gear or not.
9). Toggle NVGs
Same options as #8.
10). Un-Garrison Group
if you place the module on a selected Garrisoned unit, the module will only apply to the unit. If you wish for the entire squad to un-garrison, make sure to place the module on the squad leader.

ACE Captive
1). Toggle Captive
Place on any unit and they will be “handcuffed”, if the Zeus wishes the players to use the ACE interaction to move units, the unit has to be toggled as a captive. Otherwise, the players need to bring zip-ties to “handcuff” the unit and then move it.
2). Toggle Surrender
Place on a unit and they will place their hands behind their head. In this surrendered state, the players cannot move the unit until the Zeus either toggles them as captive or the players zip-tie the surrendered unit to move it to the “captive” state.

ACE Medical
1). Assign Medic
Has no effect if module is placed on a unit. All players are already set as medics. N/A
2). Assign Medical Facility
This does make a building a medical facility, but with the current configurations of the maps and our current ACE settings, it will provide no benefit. N/A
3). Assign Medical Vehicle
This does make a vehicle a medical facility, but with the current configurations of the maps and our current ACE settings, it will provide no benefit. N/A
4). Heal
Place it on any unit that is hurt or unconscious and they will be revived back to full health. Remember, any unit (friendly or hostile) that is dead, cannot be revived by this module.
5). Injury
Place the module on any player (friendly or hostile) and you can select a range of options regarding type of injury, which body part is injured (can pick more than one), how injured, the pain level, heart rate, blood pressure and if you would like to force them unconscious. This is a good module to practice ACE medical, remember to keep the pain level well under 10% or it will take A LOT of morphine to relieve the pain.
6). Toggle unconscious
Place the module on any unit (friendly or hostile) and they will go unconscious.

ACE Repair
1). Add Spare Track
Place the module on any vehicle (preferably a vehicle that has tracks, like a tank) and the players will be able to access additional tracks in case the originals on the vehicle get damaged by using the ACE interaction menu on the vehicle. You can add as many as the vehicle’s cargo capacity can hold.
2). Add Spare Wheel
Place the module on any vehicle (preferably a vehicle that has wheels, like a Badger IFV) and the players will be able to access additional wheels in case the originals on the vehicle get damaged, by using the ACE interaction menu on the vehicle. You can add as many as the vehicle’s cargo capacity can hold.

ACE Utility
1). Add Full Arsenal
Place on any object and it will become a complete arsenal accessible for players through the ACE interaction.
2). Add/Remove FRIES
Place this module on VTOLs and helicopters to either add or remove fast ropes. if the pilot hovers the helicopter, the players will be able to deploy fast ropes and swing down from them by accessing the option through the ACE interaction while in the vehicle. The first time the module is placed on a VTOL or helicopter, the fast ropes are added, the second time it is placed on the same vehicle, the fast ropes are removed and so forth. Not all helicopters are FRIES capable.
3). Configure Pylons
Place this module on any armed helicopter or airplane to access its weapons. The Zeus can pick a pre-programmed class on the right side of the module screen or manually change the missiles, bombs or guns. This module only works for armed helicopters and airplanes. Not compatible with all helicopters and airplanes.
4). Group Side
Place on any unit and you can select which faction the unit will become. For switching up missions, the Zeus can make players into OPFOR and have them fight BLUEFOR. If the Zeus wants the entire group to change factions, make sure to place the module on the squad leader. Otherwise, the selected unit will change factions only.
5). Load into Cargo
Module does not work. N/A
6). Remove Arsenal
Remove the arsenal from the object on which the Zeus previously placed the full arsenal.
7). Teleport Players
The ACE teleport is faster and more efficient than the Ares teleport players. Simply place the module where you want a select player teleport-ed, select the name of player and the player will be teleport-ed.To teleport multiple people, ask them to join the same group by pressing “U” and selecting the group. Then, check-mark the “teleport group” option in the module and select any player in that group. The player, along with anyone else in that group will be teleport-ed.
8). Toggle Simulation
Module does not work. N/A
9). Update Editable Objects
This is similar to the Achilles module add or remove editable objects, and is primarily used to be able to view/control items placed by another Zeus. If using this Module be careful not to remove any items that are placed on the map initially. There are items that are placed at the edges of the map, and around the initial spawn that are required for the map to work correctly.

Many modules do not need to be placed on an player member initially. You can click on the ground, then select multiple players and press enter to apply the module. For example the Heal Module, when you need to heal a large number of players, you can click the ground then select a group of players either with a selection box or by holding CTRL and clicking on multiple players then press Enter to commit the module.

To other experienced Zeus’s, if I missed anything, or provided the wrong information, feel free to reply to this comment and correct the mistake. Otherwise, to all new Zeus’s, good luck!
3 points - VieAce Edited by VileAce

I’ve had trouble with the patrol/search modules as some others. Problem is when using them some of the way points are not in logical locations. When you move a waypoint or try to adjust its height often the AI just stop doing anything. I’m often having to delete the troops and respawn new ones and manually put waypoints. That at least gets them to continue moving. some times with the modules you will have a way point that is blocked by a wall or buildings and some of the AI cant figure out what to do.

Toggle simulation does work but i have not tested the load cargo.

(Unless Vile has changed something since last time I used it)