A-143 Jet Runway Length Requirements

The A-143 jet or any jet, requires a good long well constructed runway with good clearances.

I believe the dirt runways within the ARMA game were designed only for propeller based aircraft. (eg. Trees, rocks, above ground utility lines implanted within the immediate vicinity of the runway. A big no-no for airports unless a significant clearance is established. Rural dirt runways are re-known for these obstacles without any clearance.)

I do not know of many countries that would use a dirt runway for a jet nowadays, except for emergency landings.

BTW, I filed a bug on Tanoa’s runways, concerning the A-143’s inability to take-off from Tanoa’s apparently adequately long enough runways. It is either a scaling issue between Altis and Tanoa maps, or a bug specific to the A-143’s abilities. Although I would think it would be fixed within soon to be released Jet pack, it is doubtful as I’ve usually seen non-critical bugs require at least 3-6 months to be fixed.

The Buzzard has been having a problem since the last patch. It seems to lean to the left as if the left wheel is somehow no-clipping into the ground and resulting in resistance, preventing it from gaining adequate speed for take-off. I noticed this problem on Altis, Altis (TFR) and Tanoa. Yes, they need to fix it.