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I think you should consider a separate JTAC group on the role menu with an encouragement to get on the Pilots’ teamspeak channel

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  • : NAK #1 Altis| NAK #2 Tanoa| NAK #3 Stratis
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Zeus Event

I was thinking it would be awesome to have a Nak event that would include things like a sharpshooting competition, speed course, target course  to name a few. Maybe have the winners get honorable mentions or something else. 

  • : Main Mission
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Mission Idea

I like the idea that we take a hill and have to defend the hill but with much more than attack know so there has to be a tackle setup in-order to defend and be successful.    Such as mines, tripwire and supporting equipment and staff like heli drops, parachute drops, tanks, medics and air support.  I feel like the defending done now is over way too soon and not enough enemies to kill.  Just ideas I am also new to a lot of this but just an idea.  I will post more if I have more ideas.

  • : Main Mission
  • : NAK #1 Altis
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