Submitted Mission Ideas

Submitted Mission Ideas

Feel free to view and comment on player submitted mission ideas.  Don’t forget to submit your own idea,


Destroy Armor Company

Once the mission starts, there would be a convoy of armor (Tanks, APCs, AA Tanks, etc.) that you would have to destroy. They would also have supporting infantry with AA. The players would have to stop the tanks before they reach a certain location or the mission is a failure, much like the ICBM mission.

  • : Main Mission
  • : NAK #1 Altis

Operation Falling Heros: Leaving no one behind

Escort & provide fire cover for engineers to repair single or multiple damaged /immobilized APC/MBT or supply vehicles damaged in pervious combat. Protect the crewmen replacement before evacuation. Must set defensive perimeter to hold the enemy back for a set time period. Airlift or ground evac the repaired vehicles to designated safe zone.

**Ground or heli support allowed, NO jet CAS bombardment**

**Day or Night Ops applied**

  • : Side Mission
  • : NAK #1 Altis| nak_#2_malden

Operation DinnerOut: Air Force is busy at somewhere else

To assassinate/capture single or multiple high value HVT in heavily AA & ground defended AO (possibily military camp or city CQB environment), by HALO or APC/MBT assault


To demo multiple target assets spread around heavily AA & ground defended vehicle/logistics/ammo depots or command center, by HALO or APC/MBT assault 

**Ground attacks only, NO air support/CAS bombardment (Auto mission fail)**

**Day or Night Ops suitable**

  • : Main Mission
  • : NAK #1 Altis| nak_#2_malden