Submitted Mission Ideas

Submitted Mission Ideas

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Civilian Presence

A variation of the standard AO centered in an urban/CQC environment, where civilian units have a chance to spawn in the same spots that the OPFOR might (in buildings and windows, maybe “patrols”?). Firing upon / killing a civilian will result in the player being punished akin to team-killing (or worse).

  • : Main Mission
  • : NAK #1 Altis| nak_#2_malden| nak_#3_tanoa
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Armored Fury

Malden Server (wasnt an option for submission)

After AO at Point de Feas during the defend evolution please add an armored element.  Its one thing to have Tigris in the AO prior to defend, but would be a challenge for friendly AT teams and CAS if enemy tank regiment converged on the mountain top bunker from N,S,E,W.

Would like to see more ground vehicles to engage.  Too often the Slammer stays at home base collecting dust.

  • : Main Mission
  • : NAK #2 Tanoa


I think you should consider a separate JTAC group on the role menu with an encouragement to get on the Pilots’ teamspeak channel

  • : Main Mission
  • : NAK #1 Altis| NAK #2 Tanoa| NAK #3 Stratis
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