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BE ADVISED : Making a donation will not give you access to the NAK Elite Unit or ZEUS slot. 


Why Donate

The primary reason you should consider donating today; NAK is supported 100% by donations. The donation you make will support NAK directly by covering its operating costs. To operate the NAK community there are expenses that need to be paid. The average monthly expense is around $350. Some of the expenses include:
Server hosing cost- ARMA 3 Servers, TeamSpeak and the web site
Software Licenses – TeamSpeak 3, WordPress
Domain Name registration –  If you enjoy playing on the NAK servers, and you would like to make a difference please donate today.

What Do I Get

Satisfaction knowing that your favorite gaming community will be around another month. Your donation goes directly to help the community operate, grow, and thrive. Okay so if that is not enough…

  • In Game and TeamSpeak Donor Tags. Donors get to show off with an in game Donor Unit Tag and a TeamSpeak Donor tag. The in game Donor tag will be proudly displayed on uniforms and vehicles that support it.  An example of the tag is above.
  • Donors also have the ability to create temporary TeamSpeak channels.
  • More to come… For example we plan on offering cosmetic items, such as uniforms, custom textures, skins specifically for NAK donors
Please note that at no point will you receive any in game money, experience, weapons, vehicles, or other items to give you an advantage over other players.
If you are interested in product placement, in-game advertising or sponsorship please contact Claws directly.

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Thank you for your donations to the NAK Community we truly appreciate it.

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