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  • AKYukonGoats posted an update 1 week ago

    @ollie “What do you call a redneck who is on fire? A firecracker” <– what I was banned for. Just so you know. Bullshit reason considering the Campaign words in game and the game retail rating. Sure, go kill people, as long as you don’t call them a cracker! OH NO! A CRACKER???

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  • Ollie wrote a new post, Zeus Event 1 month ago

    I was thinking it would be awesome to have a Nak event that would include things like a sharpshooting competition, speed course, target course  to name a few. Maybe have the winners get honorable mentions or something else. 

    • This is something that we might have for our Full Tac unit.  We have different awards and medals that can be won for different tasks.  We are moving forward with the unit and many of these things will be announced shortly.

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    I enjoy making OPs for myself, and on occasion for friends. I’ve really been interested recently, as I’ve been playing mainly on the NAK Zeus server. I would be more than will to work under a seasoned Zeus Admin, […]

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