NAK Full
Tactical Unit


Most of the NAK TAC positions have been filled. Below are the tentative positions as of now. After the Pilot tryouts some positions may be changed. For an organization chart view visit NAK TAC Structure.
Sergeant Major of the Army – SMG. G0lden
Executive Officer – MSG. X865
First Sergeant – MSG. J “Oxide” Blazak
Platoon Leader – MSG. Vunkai
Platoon Sergeant – SFC. Robert K. Stuart
Platoon Radio (RTO) – WO. Allen
Squad Leader – SSG. John William Finn
Squad Medic – CPL. Ollie
Fireteam Leader – SGT. Newton
Fireteam Leader – SGT. Leshii
Squad Leader – SSG. Mythi
Squad Medic – SGT. LBJ
Fireteam Leader – SGT. BOOMHOWER
Fireteam Leader – SGT. Carl
Squad Leader – SSG. Rob Actual
Squad Medic – SGT. Maxim
Fireteam Leader – SGT. J. Elkroc
Fireteam Leader – SGT. Lickity
Recon Command – MSG. Luke Metcalf
Recon Leader – SFC. Super
Recon Asst. Team Lead – SGT. Eb
Recon RTO – SGT GatorDog
Recon – SGT. Tom11980
Recon – SGT. Champ
Recon – SGT. Viper1
Recon – SGT. Escobar
Medic Section Command – WO. Flash
Aviation Section Leader – SFC. “Capt” MacTavish
Ground Support/Reserve Pilot – SGT. Tyler Tidwell

Pilot Tryouts

Pilot tryouts are complete. But we are giving a few player one last chance!
We completed Pilot tryouts, but attendance was less than expected.  We are giving the following players one last chance to attend a tryout.  Contact VileAce via Private Message or on TeamSpeak to schedule a tryout. All makeup tryouts must be completed on or before Friday August 18th.
J. Elkroc
PVII. Tyler Tidwell

Here is a list of tasks that you will graded on:

  • CAS Gun Run / Wipeout
  • Bomb Run Lazed / Black Wasp
  • Bomb Run Unassisted / Gryphon
  • 1 on 1 Shikra vs Shikra
  • Hot LZ / Orca
  • Helicopter Gun Run / Hellcat
  • Timed Helicopter Run / Pawnee Timed
  • Timed Fixed Wing Run / Black Wasp Timed
  • Landing / Black Wasp Land Based
  • Landing / Black Wasp Carrier


We are still accepting applications for the NAK Full Tactical Unit, but enrollment for this phase of recruitment is complete. Any players that signup now will be entered into the reserve squad and will be included into the Unit when the next phase of recruiting opens.
For information about the unit, review our Full Tactical Overview. The overview will provide details about the NAK Unit structure, ranks, career options and promotion requirements. Once you are sure that you would take part complete an application. We will contact all applicants by email when them next phase of enrollment opens.