ZEUS (How to master the commonly used Zeus functions?)

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Hi All! I'm writing this post to discuss about the common functions used by Zeus to set up missions when using ZEUS & Ares/Achilles Mods. This should serve as an Intro or reference manual to any new & existing Zeus. Please let me know if you know some tricks that wasn't noted below, or if I made any mistakes below :)

All pictures are linked from open internet source. You're welcome to use the contents in this post for non-commercial purpose only. Please give me author credit if posting any contents in other locations, including NAK Forums.

Primary Functions
1. Units (1st Icon with 1 person)
2. Groups (2nd Icon with 3 people)
3. Modules (3rd Icon with 3 rotors)
4. Markers (4th Icon with a cross in circle)
5. Recent (5th Icon with a star)

Common functions in Modules
Add/Remove objects: Modules-Zeus → Add/Remove editable Objects → Place icon on desired location → Select options
Time: Modules-Environment → Skip time/ Set date/ Time acceleration → Place icon on desired location → Select options
Weather: Modules-Environment → Weather/ Advance Weather Change → Place icon on desired location → Select Options
Respawn: Modules-Respawn → Players (BLUEFOR, OPFOR or Civilian if applies) → Place icon on desired location
Arensal: Place an object/vehicle on desired location → Modules-Arensal → Add Arensal (Full, Basic NATO/CSAT/AAF) → Click on
the desired object/vehicle
Teleport players: Modules-Players → Teleport → Select desired location → Select player(s) to teleport → TELEPORT
Play an AI as Zeus: Modules-Zeus → Zeus → Remote Control or Switch Unit → Select desired AI to play
Fire Support: Modules-Fire Support → Select Fire Support type → Place icon on desired location → BOOM
****Avoid putting kill zone of artillery strikes within close proximity range to players****

Common NATO assets that Zeus can spawn for players (Depending on mission nature, Included but not limited to)
Ground vehicles:
MBT (Slammer)↓Image APC-Marshall↓Image Transport-Prowler↓Image Transport-Hunter (Assorted types - From Left to Right: Unarmed / GMG / HMG) + Transport-QuadBike↓ Image Transport-Hemtt (Assorted types such as: Repair/ Medical/ Ammo/ Fuel/ Transport-Covered/ Transport-Uncovered)↓Image .
Air assets:
GhostHawk↓Image Huron↓Image
Hummingbird↓Image Pawnee↓Image Blackfoot↓Image Wipeout↓Image WASP↓Image .
Marine assets:
SWCC Speedboat↓Image Assault boat (RHIB)↓Image SDV Submersibles↓Image
Hammer (SSG)
AT/Marksman 2-4
NAK TAC - Raven Squad

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