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Please feel free to report any behavior by either player or admin that does not adhere to the current high standards of the NAK rules and Admin code of conduct.

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February 14th, 2020, 4:27 am

Name of the offender - Grizzo. Intentional TK!
The incident was today, 14/02, at 3:30 am.
Public Server - - Altis.
I didn't see if there was Admin. Leave the game.
We were going on a mission, and our aircraft was shot down by a Kajman. We managed to parachute. The player Grizzo, by trolling, shot me point-blank while I ran for the mission :oops: . Unfortunately I was not recording, but I saved an image. I should have called Admin, but I left the game.
I'm new to naksquad, and I like it, but because they always shoot me, I registered today on the site to be able to report this type of troll player. I'm going to start recording all my matches. I am reading the forum to know the rules. Thanks!
Sorry for my mistakes. I do not speak english.

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