Denied (Perm) - Twinkie_Dinky - Old Ban Appeal

For all ban appeals. Please complete the template to the best of your ability.
Please note:
  • All bans are reviewed on a case by case basis.
  • The banning admin and head admins have the final say on whether or not a ban should or shouldn’t be modified.
  • Admins and players can be used as witnesses to make statements for or against the ban modification.
  • Any bans regarding hacking, cheating, and or code manipulation/ game engine manipulation will not be lifted. We check logs regularly and do offline bans as well.
  • Racist, sexist and xenophobic remarks will not be lifted, this indicates the attitude of the player, ability to work as a team, and potential toxicity.
  • Lying in your appeal is cause alone for a ban not to be lifted and may be cause for a ban to be extended, this indicates the integrity of the player and the trust among other players.
  • The owner of the account is responsible for all actions taken on the account.  There is no way for us to identify the individual behind the account, therefore a ban will not be lifted because someone else was using your account.

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January 23rd, 2020, 7:30 pm

Please use the temple below for your ban appeal.
1. Twinkie_Dinky
3. (in attachments)
4. vgerdj
5. maybe around September 2019, sorry I don't know exact date
6. Altis #1
7. My name became a problem with one of the admins and he confronted me about it. I took it as a joke at first and brushed him off saying "ya ya suuuure". But it escalated to them asking me what it meant and if I knew what it meant, which I did not know the actual meaning as I took the original idea of the name from online creator "FrankieonPCin1080p" who's in game name was/is "Twinkletoes". So I said "idk what it means" and they tell me. I tried to play it off like i then knew what the name meant just because I didn't want them to think I didn't know the dirty meaning of the two words, so they called me out on that. I explained myself that I said I knew what it meant to come out as cool (when before I said I didn't know the meaning) and they said I was a liar and we went back and forth in my frustration and probably theirs as well, thinking that I'm another fucking idiot on the internet who's trolling, which I get and understand why they'd think that. They also told me to change my name and that got me more frustrated because of all the time I have spent on that server not one other player or admin has mentioned the name in a joking manner. I'm not saying I'm in the right 100% but I hope you could understand my frustration with having to change my name for this... I changed my name to "Twinky" when I came back a few minutes later and played, the original admin came down on me and called me out for harassment or griefing for keeping "Twinky". And then I was perma banned after other admins discussed it (I am guessing). This server is the best I can find and I haven't played much Arma since I was banned. Just wish I could come back for a second chance. If you need more of an understanding of this I still use TS. Thanks and Happy New Year
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January 23rd, 2020, 9:03 pm

Unfortunately, you left out the reason you were permanently banned. During the conversation, you sent the admin a link to urban dictionary - grinfucking - the act of being (pretending to be) really nice to someone's face and then turning around and stabbing them in the back .

This is a summary from an independent admin of the situation -
In-Game name was Twinky Dinky, the player was name banned for an inappropriate name. The player returned with the name "not-a-bad-name" and was confronted in Help Room 1 by a second admin. He admitted this was an intentional F-U to the admin who did the name ban. Player tried to say he didn't know what the "Twinky Dinky" name meant and then when the initial admin joined the help room he admitted to knowing what it meant. The player then sent an inappropriate link to to the initial admin (see note above). Player was clearly trolling, very immature, has lied several times and is trying to cover it up and find a loophole around the rules, and has a grudge against admins.

Based on the information in the ban, and the fact that your comments in the appeal do not match the events that took place, I see no reason to lift the ban.

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