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November 5th, 2018, 12:08 pm

If you have Task Force Radio (TFAR) installed and active, when you mute a player in TeamSpeak (TS), the player will only stay muted for a couple seconds. To fix this issue, you need to disable the TFAR plugin when it is not needed. The easiest way to toggle a plugin is with a hotkey. Below are the instruction to create a hotkey in TS to toggle TFAR on and off.

With TS running
go to Tools>Options
Select Hotkeys from the left hand options
Click the "Add" button.
Click the "Show Advanced Actions" button
In the "Server" section of the Actions click the arrow next to "Plugins" to expand the options
Click the arrow next to "Toggle Plugin" to expand again
Click to highlight "task_force_radio"
Near the top of the "Hotkey Setup Dialog" leave the radio button "On key down" selected and click "No Hotkey Assigned"
A small popup window will show that says "Press hotkey combination (ESC to Cancel)"
Press any key or combination of keys that you would like to assign that will toggle the TFAR plugin active and inactive.

Advanced option features
One of the "problems" using a hotkey to toggle the TFAR plugin, is that it is difficult to know which state it is in an even if the hotkey ran. What I like to do is assign sounds to the hotkey so when it is run I know audiably that the hotkey was triggered. This post is not a tutorial on setting up sounds on triggers but I will give a quick run down of the steps. To assign sounds to a hotkey I use a plugin RP Soundboard. With RP Soundboard you can assign custom sounds, and assign hotkeys to those sounds. So we already have a hotkey assigned to toggle the plugin, you can assign the same key with "On key release". You can assign multiple actions to the same hotkey, just be aware TS will display a message saying that the key is already assigned, which is fine, but you can not control the run order. If run order is important you can use the "On key down" and "On key release".

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