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February 3rd, 2018, 2:52 am

By default, ArmA 3 will set your profile name to match your machine’s username, e.g. if your machine name is "Administrator", your initial ArmA 3 username will also be that. There are many reasons to want to change your default ArmA 3 profile name; In some cases your name may be restricted by the server or you do not want players to have your real name for security reasons. In any case, it is a very good idea to create a new profile name. If you are new to ArmA 3 and have not made any changes to your default settings and keybindings then the process is simple. If you have made changes and want to make sure those changes are carried over to your new profile, there are a couple extra steps. Those extra steps are highlighted below.

ArmA 3 does not allow changing the name of your initial profile so you will need to create a new profile.

To create a new profile:

1. On the top right of the main menu of ArmA 3, click the Profile icon next to the Exit icon, followed by the current profile name (mine is VileAce in this case).
New Profile Name Step 2.jpg
2. The"PROFILE” windows will open. As mentioned before, you cannot delete or edit your default profile. To add a new profile, click “NEW” ⇨ Enter your desired username in the “PLAYER NAME” field ⇨ Configure your character to your preferred settings. ⇨ Click “APPLY” ⇨ Click OK
New Profile Name Step 3 and 4.jpg
Steps 3, 4 and 5 will only be needed if you wish to carry over your settings and keybindings to your new profile.

3. Stop ArmA 3. Make sure the game and the launcher are both closed.

4. Open File Explorer (Windows Key + R on the open field type “Explorer”), select Documents then select the ”Arma 3” folder. You should see two files named “PROFILENAME.Arma3Profile”, and “PROFILENAME.vars.Arma3Profile." where PROFILENAME is the name of your default ArmA 3 profile.

5. Copy those two files (highlight the files and press CTRL + C), and navigate back to your Documents folder. Open the "Arma 3 - Other Profiles” folder. Choose the folder name with the name of the new profile you just created. Look at the two files in the directory and make note of the file names. You will notice that the names are very similar to the ones you just copied, only the PROFILENAME section is different. Now delete the two existing files (highlight the files and press DELETE) and paste the ones you copied (CTRL + V). 6. Now rename the two files you just pasted into the folder (Right Click the file and select “Rename”). Only the PROFILENAME section of the file needs to be replaced with your new profile name. Leave the rest of the file name as is. Now start ArmA 3.

6. Select your new profile from the Profile menu if it is not already selected. Join a NAK Squad server.
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