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a list of questions and answers relating to a particular subject, especially one giving basic information for users of a NAKSQUAD.

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Due to Constant issues with players being kicked for using mods, I’ve decided to create a list to help our users figure out which mods are allowed and which ones aren’t. Other users are free to add their mod lists. If you are receiving a script or createvehicle restriction and you feel that it is in error, please post a message in the forums with the specifics about the mod, a link to it and why you believe that it should be allowed, and it will be reviewed.
Acceptable type of mods
*Many weapons-only mods
*Most uniform and accessory mods (Including vests, backpacks*, scopes, bipods, patches, helmets, face gear, etc)
*Any type of sound enhancement mods.
*Any type of visual enhancement mods.
@3CB BAF Equipment
@3CB BAF Weapons (Specific elements may be restricted)
@ASDG_Attachments (Weapons attachments)
@ASDG_JR (Dependency)
@Blastcore (Visual enhancement)
@CBA_A3 (Dependency)
@CJTF No Helmet Req IR Strobe (Night time IR strobe on helmet)
@CUP Weapons (Weapons Mod)
@DragonFyreEden (Sound Mod)
@Enhanced Movement
@EricJ (Weapons Mod)
@FHQ Firearms and Weapons Pack
@GEAR (Multiple packs of uniforms and equipment)
@JSRS ( Sound Mod)
@Kimi’s Wipeout Hud (Pilot HUD)
@Leights OPFOR Pack Official (Cosmetics)
@Military Gear pack (Uniforms and equipment
@MRB Voice Stop (Prevents unneeded Random Chat in MP)
@NATO_Rus_Weapons (Massi’s Weapons Mod)
@Revo‘s No Sway (Weapons say adjustment mod)
@RH Pistol Pack
@RHSAFRF (Weapons and Cosmetics mod, Specific elements may be restricted)
@RHSUSAF (Weapons and Cosmetics mod, Specific elements may be restricted)
@S.M.A (Specialist Military Arms - Weapons and Accessories)
@ShackTac User Interface (Advanced Hud Mod)
@TAO Folding Map (Enhanced Game Map)
@TFA (Cosmetics)
@THS (Tactical Hand Signals)
@TRYK (Uniforms and accessories Mod)
@VSM (Uniforms and accessories)
@VTS_Weaponsresting (Weapons bipod adjustment mod)
@Helmet Mounted Displays Mod (Known as Kimi HUD)
@Any mod that adds a new vehicle.
@Any mod that spawns vehicles.
@Any teleport mods.
@Any jet pack, hang glider or individually carried flight mods.
@Any weapons that are overpowered (Includes but not limited to handheld mini-guns, cannons and HE rounds, doomsday rounds, semi auto rocket launchers, nukes or rocket propelled bullets)
@Any mod that identifies enemies (for example mods that change the color, highlight or place a marker on enemies)
@Any mod a reasonable person would consider cheating (These include but are not limited to: invisibility, no clipping and god mode)
@Any "space" weapon mods. (Star wars, laser rifles, etc)
@Any personal arsenal mods.
@Any backpack mod that allows the player to carry "unlimited" or unrealistic capacity .
@Any mods that add additional units. (CUP units, Zombies and Demons, etc. These may be used on servers during special events)
@Any map mods. (Specific maps may be used on servers during special events)
@CSW XM8 Pack
@Tactical AKM
@Any SN Backpack
@HispanoMMO Weapons
@BloodLust (Game crash)
@SPCM (This is obvious, single player cheat menu)
@Personal Arsenal (Unfair to have unlimited access to ammo and health)
@Virtual Arsenal Anywhere (Unfair to have unlimited access to ammo and health)
@CUP Vehicle/Units ( Vehicles and Units)
@E.P.S.M-Exomod (Has a jetpack)
@MGI Tactical Pack 3 (Has global scripts)
@[MELB] Mission Enhanced Little Bird (vehicle mod)
@MCC Sandbox (mission editing mod)
@Any LAGO/KA (KICKASS) mods (including Complementary Police Weapons;Complementary Special Pistols;Complementary Special Weapons)
@Anti -Materiel kkiv 2035
@Advanced Armor Plate Mod
@Dagger Weapons and Ballistics
@Area/Achilles (Except the Zeus server)
@Operation: TREBUCHET,
@Nuclear Briefcase
@NIArms Mini-gun
@FIR AWS(AirWeaponSystem)
@B61 Nuclear Bomb
@cTab (Allowed on Zeus server by Team/Squad Leaders)
@ER7 Railgun
@ASP KIR Railgun mod
The listed restricted mods are not allowed on the server, even if you happen to bypass the script restrictions. If you use these restricted mods on the server you may be banned.

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