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NAK Command


For all NAK Admins

NAK Player of the Month

Special award given to one community member a month that demonstrates all of the qualities that exemplify what is means to be part of the NAK community


NAK Tac Member

For all NAK Tac Members

Distinguished Performance Medal

Awarded one member of the Squad. Selected by all players, the nominees for the award are the winners of Achievement of Excellence for that event.

NAK Tac Player of the month

Achievement of Excellence Award

Awarded to one player of each fireteam for each NAK Tac events. The selected player was the most effective for the fireteam during the mission.

Superior Fire Team Citation

Awarded to an entire Fire team for performance above and beyond. Selected by the Squad Leader after each event.

NAK Elite

NAK Elite

For all memebers of NAK Elite

NAK Donor

NAK Donor

For all members of NAK Donor