Server Rules
NAK Server Rules and Consequences
Last updated May 20, 2017.


NOTE: All rules have definitions to help reduce arguments. The level of punishment is at the discretion of the Admin, and will be based on the severity of the action. If you break multiple rules your punishment may run consecutively.  Punishment enforced on the Arma servers may carry over to all NAK servers, including TeamSpeak. Continued violation of any rules may be met with a permanent ban. If you feel a rule has an unfair/unclear/incorrect definition, pleased contact Vile Ace.


If you feel you were wrongly warned/kicked/banned, do not argue in game. Arguing with an admin in game WILL result in a 24 hour ban. If you or a friend wishes to dispute an action taken by an admin you have 2 options. In our forums you will find links to “User-Admin Abuse Reports” as well as a “Ban Appeals” section. If you need help or do not understand how to use these, please join TeamSpeak and an admin will help you.


RULE #1) NO Racism.
1st Offense: Permanent ban.

Definition: Any and all racial slurs are considered racism by NAK and will NOT be tolerated.

RULE #2) Impersonating an admin.
1st Offense: Permanent ban.

Definition: Impersonating on admin involves but is not limited to: Telling people you are a server admin, threatening to ban someone, copying an admin name, or making fake NAK Command tags.

RULE #3) Intentional Team Killing.
1st Offense: 1 day ban
2nd Offense: Permanent ban.

Definition: Intentional Team Killing is the act of killing any friendly player with intent to do so. Intent is decided by the admin issuing the ban based on their investigation and review of all relevant information and evidence.

RULE #4) Griefing/Harassment.
1st Offense: Kick from server.
2nd Offense: 7 day ban.
3rd Offense: Permanent ban.

Definition: Griefing/Harassment are viewed as the act of INTENTIONALLY irritating and angering people through the use of destruction, language, forcing team kills and more.

RULE #5) Firing at base.
1st Offense: Written warning.
2nd Offense: Kick from server.
3rd Offense: 1 day ban.

Definition: Firing at base consists of intentional, discharging your weapon at base. NOTE: An accidental single discharge from small arms does not count for a first offense.

RULE #6) Wasting Server Assets.
1st Offense: Written warning.
2nd Offense: Kick from server.
3rd Offense: 3 day ban.

Definition: Wasting server assets is the act of destroying/crashing vehicles due to a preventable circumstance. This includes repeated, crashing due to lack of knowledge on how to operate a vehicle (SEE NOTE BELOW), messing around with other players or ramming other vehicles.
NOTE: NAK Servers are high population and are not suitable for LEARNING how to use air vehicles, please do this in editor and come fly with us when you are ready.

RULE #7) Using Voice in Restricted Channels.
1st Offense: Written warning.
2nd Offense: Kick from server.
3rd Offense: 5 day ban.

Definition: The use of voice chat in Side Chat, Command Chat and Global Chat is not permitted on NAK Servers by anyone OTHER than admins. There are no exceptions to this rule.

RULE #8) Using Vehicles as Taxi’s in Base.
1st Offense: Written warning.
2nd Offense: Kick from server.
3rd Offense: 3 day ban.

Definition: The use of a vehicle to move from 1 section of the base to another is strictly, forbidden. The flag poles at base can transport you to any of the areas you need to go. Please use these.

RULE #9) Playing as infantry while in pilot slot
1st Offense: Written warning.
2nd Offense: Kick from server.
3rd Offense: 3 day ban.

Definition: There are a limited number of pilot positions. It is expected that individuals in any of those roles (Vortex Pilot and UAV) to be in the air. Pilots can not fight on the ground. Pilots that are shot down should respawn to and return to piloting.

RULE #10) Arguing over punishment in game with an admin.
1st Offense: 24 hour ban.

Definition: If you or a friend has been kicked or banned, and you feel it was unwarranted, there ways you can report the admin. These methods were detailed in the notes section at the top of this page. Abuse reports are reviewed by the server owner and are taken very serious.

RULE #11) All pilots, UAV operator, and ATC must be on the NAK SQUAD TeamSpeak server (excluding NAK Elite). No pilot may be AFK.
1st Offense: Written warning.
2nd Offense: Kick from server.
3rd Offense: 1 hour ban.

Definition: There are a limited number of Pilot roles available on the servers . We require that if you are in one of these roles, that you are logged into the current NAK Squad TeamSpeak server ( while having your name match in-game and on TeamSpeak. It is also required that any pilot in one of these roles, not be AFK (away from keyboard), you must be able to respond when requested to do so by a NAK Admin.

RULE #12) Minimum age on our servers is 16.
1st Offense: Written warning.
2nd Offense: Kick from server.
3rd Offense: Age based ban.

We are a mature gaming community and the content of our games and our social interactions may not be suitable for younger age groups. For that reason we have a minimal age requirement for members of our community, which is 16. As we have no way of confirming an individual’s age, if an Admin believes that you are underage you may be asked to leave the server. Beyond this it is a parents responsibility to police their children. If for whatever reason they slip into our community unnoticed, we hold no responsibility for their safety or well-being.

RULE #13) No verbal abuse.
First offense: Kick
Second Offense: 3 day ban
Third Offense: Permanent ban

Harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, slanderous , hateful, racially or ethnically offensive language or cursing directed at a player is not allowed and may lead to an immediate ban. If you are having issues with another player, send a message which includes Admin in game chat. If an Admin is online we will be happy to help you.

RULE #14) No excessive use of indecent; obscene; lewd; sexually explicit language – this includes any words generally considered curse words.
First Offense: Warning
Second Offense: Kick
Third Offense: 1 day ban

Please watch your language. This is a public server. We understand that we play an age restricted game, but we choose not to hear this type of language in our community. If you tend to curse, mute yourself, and refrain from typing in-game chat.