NAK Donation

Please be advise : Making a donation will not give you access to the Nak Elite Unit.(Please check this for the Nak Elite Unit Click Here)

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Donate to help keep the server alive and running!

Perks:  After making one time Donation

  • Reserved  Slots ( Access the server even when server full )
  • Donors Don’t Need To Be On TeamSpeak (when you select any pilot slot)
  • In-Game Nak Donator Tag (insignia)   Click Here
  • Team-speak Tag
  • Ability to create temporary Ts channels
  • More to come . . .

This form is necessary to give players who’ve donated a place to send their Transaction information rather than have it bounce between admins and be quicker process to get all our Donors the appropriate perks;
Thank you for your donations to the NAK Community and for embarking on this journey alongside us as a family.

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