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NAK is proud to announce that we will be opening a Zeus Server.  The current scheduled “Go Live” date is April 28th.  To prepare for that day we need to begin enrolling players that would like to be Zeus.  Only those approved will be able to access the Zeus role.  As a reward for their continued support members of NAK Elite will receive guaranteed approval.  If you enjoy creating memorable, engaging experiences  sign up today.

Rules for the NAK TeamSpeak server are posted.  These rules are to help keep a fun, safe place for all of our players.

Rules and Guidelines for our upcoming Zeus server, are posted. Please feel free to read them so you will be ready when we go live.

Our active servers

I&A server 24/7 Altis #1

I&A server 24/7 Stratis #3

Zeus server 24/7 Altis #5  (Go Live April 28th)

I&A server 24/7 Altis (TFR) #2

I&A server 24/7 Tanoa #4

TS3 Server 24/7 ts3.naksquad.net

We have been running gaming servers for several years now. We explore new games as they are released with the intention of running servers for our own needs as well as providing options to the public gaming community.

We are a family of members who are distributed all around the world. Our goal as a squad is to promote a gaming environment that is primarily based on communication and teamwork!

We at [NAK] welcome any and all people to our  game servers and our TeamSpeak 3 server .

Our TeamSpeak 3 server provides a “Live Chatroom” for everyone’s use and we encourage everyone to use it. It will help improve your gaming experience and it’s fun. So join us in TeamSpeak 3.

TeamSpeak3 connection info:

Welcome to [NAK]Squad and I hope to see you on our servers soon.