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In order for a ban to be appealed, you must give the reason why you were banned, your in-game name, and if you remember, the name of the admin. The severity of the offense will determine whether or not your ban is lifted, there is no guarantee that a ban will be lifted. If you were banned for using cheats/hacks, the ban will remain, no exceptions.

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January 7th, 2018, 10:00 pm

In-Game Name: Glenn

Steam Profile:

Screenshot: Attached

Admin: claws01

Time-of-ban: It was at night, don't remember time unfortunately.

Server: [NAK] | Nak#1 | I&A | Alits

I was banned by claws01 after running him over with a truck on the aircraft carrier. I was in the pilot chat (was a vortex pilot at the time) with some other people. I was messing around with a few people, we were shooting at and running each other over, making sure to avoid other players (which regardless is against the rules). I got carried away and ran over a player near the front of the carrier spawn, which happened to be claws. I have been banned before but this one is permanent. It was a lapse in judgement and the bans before probable don't help my case. There is no excuse for my actions and I doubt I will be unbanned and that is fair, but I want to try. I very much enjoy playing on NAK servers. They are the best servers for the type of gameplay I enjoy (mainly being a helicopter pilot) and I like the people I meet and play with on them. I understand that I broke a serious rule, even multiple times, and that there's no excuse for that. I would still ask for a reduced ban (if possible) and one more chance; though I would understand, especially with my past actions, that I'm not very trustworthy.
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January 8th, 2018, 8:24 pm

reduced to 7 days last chance

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