HALO Jumping on ALTIS

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Should Halo jumping be altered?

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May 11th, 2017, 2:53 am

+1 Claws01

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May 15th, 2017, 2:53 pm

I wanted to put my two cents into this discussion. I think have a a very simple and elegant solution: Move the flagpole approximately 500 meters from the current main HQ spawn.

Most players will hear/see the helicopters outside waiting immediately upon spawning. Think lazy: Do you want to walk 500 meters away to parachute in or ride in the helicopter that's RIGHT there?

I think this solution solves many of the issues brought up in this discussion. If there are no or few pilots online, people will make the trek. It also delays "instantaneous" reinforcements. If there ARE transport pilots online, it will encourage players to ride in the helicopters and feel more immersion in the mission.


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June 3rd, 2017, 4:39 pm

Test it out for a month or two, or even schedule days where the members are notified if HALO is on or off. Then, tally up how many players were on the server on days where it is 'on' and days where it is 'off'. That will tell you very quickly! Make the players your Beta testers.

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June 4th, 2017, 1:54 pm

Beta testing with a live server is not the way to go. It only takes one visit from a new user to make an opinion of the server. The main reason that people want Halo turned off is to give heli pilots something to do. Turning of a feature that is used by so many, to provide a solution to so few, does not seem like the wise thing to do. We do have Halo turned off on our Zeus server, and people still prefer to be teleported to the AO rather than fly in.
We are discussing options, Reds suggestion is the only one I have seen that address the concerns that were listed previously in the topic. If anyone has suggestions that address the concerns, please feel free to add them.


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June 6th, 2017, 9:02 am

Woohoo recognition!

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June 10th, 2017, 12:37 am

A few thoughts. Ignore them as you please :P
At present, even sans the interest of transport pilots, I think the HALO system is too overpowered. Players have no incentive to think when dropping in—because if they drop into the very middle, risk getting teamkilled (and then blaming others for their own bad positioning), or otherwise get killed, they can be back into the AO within 30-60 seconds as if nothing happened. And for that, they're never required to learn anything of planning a proper ingress / egress / path from a safe DZ to the AOE. This, to me, results in a less coordinated and less friendly environment because it reinforces the interests of lone wolfs.
At minimum the HALO system should be limited, not necessarily removed, for that reason alone. Though, I suppose I'm thinking from a more realistic / milsim perspective here. I guess if you're going for an arcade-type environment, the near instantaneous redeployment is ideal.

In regard to Vile's question about why players choose NAK:
I (obviously) can't speak for others, but for myself it's a matter of two things. NAK servers often have plenty of people online and are a comparatively friendly environment. I'm not a lone wolf type, and I also enjoy flying transport aircraft, ergo I kinda' need other players online to transport. To be blunt (and I absolutely mean no offense by this) I&A servers are a dime a dozen these days, however there aren't many that A. allow a decent number of mods (if any at all) and B. have a decent number of players online at any given time. So, to me, that's what NAK has on the table right now.
One thing is certain here; no matter what choice is made, there will be unhappy people in the end. The amount therein depends on how well / poorly this issue is handled—just like any other.

I have plenty of other game-balancing ideas, (most including practical methods of implementation) but sincerely can't be bothered to type them out. :/

Mechanics Note:
There's totally a way to limit HALO without lag (e.g. only if <x players / <x pilots). As a hint, the condition field of an addAction (when attached to an object that isn't the player or AI) is only evaluated when a player is nearby, and depending on the condition code, evaluation can be done entirely on the client-side, making little to no impact on server load. With that, and perhaps a cleverly done eventHandler, the possibilities are limitless. I know this as a fact because we've done it on our server, and noticed little, if any, lag that could be attributed to those methods.
Don't believe me? That's fine; not my server lol

As far as scripting, that's all I can say due to conflict of interest.

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June 12th, 2017, 9:55 am

NO to removing HALO :x
Not even limiting to certain roles.

There are already other coop servers without HALO. People who mainly play as foot soldiers join and remain on NAK Altis server because there is HALO where we can get into AO fast, rejoin others asap, or go where ever we seem safe.

Players who get killed HALOing into the wrong areas of the AO are those who does not ever check the map in advance, and most probably have no idea what themselves are doing. They will learn where not to HALO after dying a few times, no big deal.

Some reasons foot soldiers do not take the heli:
- waiting a long time for pickup,
- heli getting shot down by AA,
- having to walk 1000m to AO because the pilot is too afraid to land us closer,
- pilots flying across or straight into AO or landing at hotzones too close to hostiles,
- so called "i-know-how-to-fly" pilots who cant land properly, end up crashing heli,
- reach AO by heli after a long wait and the mission finishes just in time.

And what if there are no pilots available? When some noob volunteers to fly transport, the above scenarios happen.

So if you only want to play as transport pilot, and:
- who never fights on the ground, simply go to servers where there is no HALO.
- gets get bored while waiting for the next AO, then help bring in tanks or other fighting vehicles for friendlies, people will use them even if nobody requests.

My suggestion:
- Putting a time limit in between each HALO. I've seen it on another server, after a player HALO, there's 60sec waiting time till next HALO. They will probably take transport HELI rather than wait.

I'm sure people agree that having HALO is one of the reasons that we enjoy playing on NAK Altis.

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June 14th, 2017, 3:03 pm

I agree with kuasmith, all the points are reasons why players normally HALO in. Many pilots crash or get shot down by AA, have to turn around because mission is over or even some pilots that can't fly.

Implementing a time limit is a great idea. 60 seconds is alright but I think increasing to 2 mins will prompt players to consider taking a transport instead. Or even a radial HALO, so basically the HALO should only be allowed to HALO outside the AO, not in it. Forcing players to land outside the AO (500m -1km) and walking it, this will allow heli pilots to land closer or even inside the AO.

Changing the lobby slots needs to be a big thing. Most pilots end up being CAS so you get around 3 - 4 CAS Jets and rarely any helicopter pilots. There should be at max 2 jet pilot slots (CAS Only jet and an AA jet). Then increase the amount of pilot slots to 6, therefore more pilots are actually transport helicopters.

If this all gets changed, lets say a player dies, they have to wait 2 minutes at base, notice that helicopters are already available at the helipads.

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June 14th, 2017, 3:27 pm

I think the new 10 minute timer for Halo jump is too long. I can understand 3-5 minutes but 10 I believe is way too long. If we want to encourage more Heli Transports than I believe we should restrict the number of jet pilots too 2-3, Make that the jets are a good mix of both CAS and AA, Have about 5 Heli Pilot slots so theres a good mix of CAS Helis and Transport Helis, and have a reward for Pilots when they transport players and vehicles. Im not disagreeing with adding a Halo timer but I just believe that the timer is too long. Halo, Mods, and Player Base is what drew me too this server. Some things that concern me about this is the Pilots skill, the amount of AA in the AO, messing up halo jumps etc. This is all just my personal opinion. We all have our differences.

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June 15th, 2017, 11:37 pm

Why is the timer to long? How long to you to you normally stay alive at an AO? I think players on this server play to aggressive. If you work with at team and not lone wolf all the time most people will stay alive well past 10 min.

What reward could you give pilots?

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